Innovation and Specialisation


Our experience in different sectors of the industry along with the cutting-edge technological vision we bring to the market make it possible for us to offer consultancy services for platform design,collaborating both in the identification of infrastructure needs such as the selection of the architecture, focussing on a change process, and technological evolution.

Systems Development and Implementation

Our EFRON CONSULTING development process that combines innovative technologies and techniques, as well as our project management system through PMBok processes provide competitive advantages while saving costs.

Development and implementation is principally based on J2EE Technology (JSP, JSF, JPA,…), .NET (ASP.NET, WPF, WCF, Unity,…) and Host employing design templates (MVC, MVP, MVVM, IoC, Front Controller, SessionFacade, DAO,…), and using diverse architectures (business applications with # layers, client-server, SOA...), operating systems (Linux, Windows, OS390, OS400, Symbian OS y Pocket PC) and database managers (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, DB2,...).

Quality and IT Services

Efron Consulting offers professional, standardized and externalized services, all of which accompany software throughout the life cycle, from the presentation of development until display in production, in a controlled and error-free manner.

Through our Centre of Excellence and Software Quality, we have the Resources, Capacities and Competencies that allow us to improve offers to clients as part of a win-win strategy, that benefits Efron Consulting (who can optimize resources, always occupied working for different clients and unifying methodologies and culture) and clients (who pay per use, only consume the resources they need, designed for a base line but with additional assistance in peak periods).