Our partnerships enable us to reach levels of excellence that benefit our clients


Microsoft partners like EFRON CONSULTING differentiate themselves as trusted experts for their clients through the development and implementation of commercial or custom-built applications using Microsoft technologies.


As a recognised Oracle Gold Partner, EFRON CONSULTING can offer its clients specialized services and solutions from the full suite of Oracle products, including built-in applications, middleware and database solutions.


We carry certification across the entire suite of HP products, including specific product and solution specialization. For example, HP Quality Center helps us maintain consistent QA procedures over life cycle of applications through standardizing testing. Its integrated focus helps us monitor performance, correct defects, and reduce costs.

Plastic SCM

Plastic SCM is the best Distributed Revision Control system that supports the development of task-driven software for teams of any size, because it simplifies branching and merging tasks.


Lynx is an advanced multichannel fraud detection system that effectively detects fraud across different payment systems in real-time. 


Optimyth offers guaranteed quality and Application Inventory Management products and solutions. 


Software AG helps organisations achieve their business objectives more quickly. Their technologies for big data, integration and business process allow clients attain greater operational efficiency, modernize their systems and optimize their processes to make more intelligent decisions and offer better service.


The mission of HL7 Spain is to promote the development and spread of the Health Level Seven standards for the format of data and the transfer of information between different Health Care IT Systems, and of other standards in the world of Healthcare IT promoted by HealthLevelSeven Inc. (USA) in Spanish territory.